teeth whitening

At Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison, we are delighted to offer our clients a wide range of professional, simple, painless teeth whitening procedures with lasting results.


A Dental Implant commonly referred to as a bone fixture that serves as a replacement for the root of a missing natural tooth.


Tooth Extraction is also performed for the removal of wisdom teeth, the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties.

gum disease

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth, but certain people are at a higher risk of developing gum disease. Gum disease affects most of the adult population and many of them are unaware of their sufferings.

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A unique and special dental practice offering world-class dental care. Whether you are nervous, embarrassed or worried about how your smile will look, we can definitely help you. We have a unique combination of a highly skilled and experienced team, together with innovative ground- breaking technologies so that you can be assured of comfortable, long-lasting cosmetic solutions. We dedicate ourselves to serve you with the best treatment options of general and cosmetic dentistry. We make your smile more attractive using the latest technology in dentistry with top dentists, best rated friendly support staff and a relaxing atmosphere.

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I had a very great experience with Dr.Gandhi. She takes the time to explain procedures in detail to keep patients informed and handles everyone with utmost care. I had been experiencing unbearable dental pain for a week and Dr.Gandhi was able to alleviate that quickly due to her experience and success working with similar procedures. She is also great at following up to check your condition and address any concerns. All around, very good experience!
Unnati Agrawal
Dental Cosmetic Center Edison
Had an amazing experience with Dr Gandhi DDS. She took her time explain the preventive aspect of healthy teeth maintenance. She did an extraordinary job in cleaning my teeth. If I was to compare my previous experience with other dentists over the years who never took their time to explain the condition of my teeth, Dr Gandhi explained every detail of my dental health.I’m so grateful to have her as my dentist and have brought my children to change their to her. We all are happy with this excellent service and experience. Thankful to the entire team!
Jasmina Anandpara
Dental Cosmetic Center Edison
I was in a lot toothache and had decided to remove but Dr Shweta Gandhi has saved my tooth with perfect root canal treatment. She was very kind while doing treatment. She is good in explaining the procedure in details and her husband also very helpful and cooperative. She is good in getting update from patient about pain or treatment inquiry. Overall I can say “as a dentist Dr Sweta is amazing”and I am happy with her treatment.
Riky Desai
Dental Cosmetic Center Edison
Dr. Gandhi really helped me a lot. My teeth hurted so much for a very long time and I didn’t know why and she took time and explained everything to me. She is very nice and provides great care for her patients. There was a big difference in my pain after she treated me.
Hina Patel
Dental Cosmetic Center Edison

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