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Know About Dental Implants

Know About Dental Implants
8 September, 2020
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Know About Dental Implants

In simple words, a Dental implant is a process where you can replace your tooth or reshape it, or you can say it’s a surgical procedure where an artificial tooth root is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or a bridge. It generally improves your dental health overall. Tooth implants are the best alternatives to loose teeth or bridges the implant doesn’t come loose like a denture can. Tooth implants can stay permanently, however with proper care and maintenance it can stay up to 25 years. So now let’s take a look at its benefits.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

1. A dental implant prevents bone loss, if you are losing teeth there is a chance of losing a bone attached to it, so implantation can protect your teeth.

2. You won’t get cavities, because it protects your tooth from all the germs and bacteria’s.

3. The dental implant comes in a wide range of options from which you can choose it according to your teeth shape, so it matches your natural teeth.

4. It is very easy to take care of, if you take proper care it will last lifelong.

5. You will get the natural shape of your face after doing the implantation.

6. It will enable your natural power of speaking. So by implanting your teeth you can improve your speech power.

7. End of embarrassing slippage after it.

Dental Implant Procedure:

The Dental Implant process takes a couple of months to complete, and it has three phases:

1. Placing Implant

2. Attaching to the post

3. Crown Attachment

During the procedure, the patient is usually given local anesthesia to reduce the pain, and to numb the surgical area. The first stage is all about the tooth extraction process, then for a place where there is no tooth and a bone loss is there, it will require a bone graft to fix it. Then after this healing period, the dental implant is tested to check whether it was successfully taken up by the surrounding bones or not. The dentist will take an impression to make a custom made implant crown to fit in your mouth.

Dental implant cost:

Dental Implants is one of the most affordable surgery nowadays. At Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison, you will get a premium service at an affordable and cost-effective price. The cost of a single Dental Implant is depended on the region. Dental insurance generally doesn’t pay for dental implants however some insurances can pay for the implant crown portion. As we understand that dental treatment is expensive sometimes and it’s not possible for everyone to have dental insurance, so we do have a cosmetic club, where you can get very much pocket-friendly packages as a member.

How we will help you do Dental Implantation:

We do have one of the best dentists from Edison. For us the patient’s care is the topmost priority, we take our time to check up thoroughly to understand what the best option we can do for you is. You will get exceptional care from the best dentists and they will do the surgery as painless as possible.

Contact us to give you a beautiful smile and get back your self-confidence through Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison!

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