Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth Treatment
Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth

Tooth break is one of the commonest occurrences dentists get reported for. While it can be usual for a dentist to come across a patient with a broken tooth or teeth, it cannot be so easygoing for the patient. This is because any break in the tooth, however small or large, can be painful as well as risky. It may lead to severe consequences from the patient’s oral healthcare perspective. This is the reason it becomes highly essential for the patient to get broken tooth treatment from an expert dentist.

Numerous factors can be responsible for a tooth break and the reasons for tooth breakage can vary for different age groups. Front teeth mostly break in children because they have more instances of falling down as compared to the grownups. The teeth break when their face hits a surface. In adults, teeth break may happen when attempting to grind some eatable.

In either of the conditions, treatment of the broken tooth or teeth must be got done on top priority. Dental Cosmetic Centre of Edison is a well-equipped centre for this. World’s top dentists are available at this centre and the facilities are world-class. If you or a closed one is going through a troublesome time due to teeth break, get it checked from an expert dentist at Dental Cosmetic Centre of Edison.

Different reasons for teeth break:

At times, a hard substance knowingly or unknowingly gets under the teeth and attempting to bite it, the tooth damages itself. This hard substance can be anything – from fruit stone to meat bone to ice.

People habitual to tooth grinding, or ‘bruxism’, also are a good candidate for teeth break. Uneven mouth temperature can also be a reason for teeth break. Whatever the reason, the dentist may go for broken tooth treatment.

Different Ways a Teeth can break

Teeth can break in a variety of ways. For example:

  • A person may have cracked tooth if he has suffered a minor injury. The crack may be seen on the teeth up to the root of the teeth. There is always a risk of inner tissue damage in this.
  • Craze lines commonly exist in adults. Usually painless, these lines appear in the form of small cracks. Though they don’t need a treatment yet outer enamel of the teeth must be prevented from them.
  • If a patient reports acute pain in a tooth when biting, it may be a cracked cusp. The cusp which is a sharp pointed end of a tooth, damages for some reason. It must be looked into or the tooth may break later.
  • If there was already a broken tooth and it remained untreated, a split tooth may form. The result may be “tooth split” and it may require instant resolution.


Any incidence can lead to a broken tooth in your mouth and many times, the circumstances are beyond your control. Good thing is that its treatment is available and you can expect good care and expert attention at the professional centre Dental Cosmetic Centre of Edison.

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