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Cavity Filling Treatment

Cavity Filling Treatment
Cavity Filling Treatment

Cavity Filling Treatment

What to expect from Cavity Filling Treatment?

When people have cavities, the first reaction to it is denial. Everyone thinks that it can wait. However, if you ask the dental expert, then it cannot wait.

Tooth decay cannot get better. It gets only worse. It is the reason; one should take care of the cavity as soon as possible.

Cavity filling treatment is a straightforward and simple treatment that is commonly performed by dentists.

When starts the cavity?

One does not know when the cavity begins. Whenever we eat something, bacterial plaque forms on the teeth. Food that we eat creates acid, which breaks down the hard coating on the teeth, which is called enamel. Slowly, the decay penetrates through the tooth layers that results in a cavity.

Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison is a one-stop solution for all types of dental problems. It offers world-class diagnostic and treatment. You tell your problem, and the experts will give you the best suitable advice.

Cavity filling and treatment procedure

The process of cavity filling is performed by the dentist in the outpatient facility. It takes around one to two hours. The procedure is almost painless, and you can resume work from the next day or even the same day if you wish so.

Doctors take X-Ray images to see the severity of the problem. After understanding it, they perform at the problem and plan the Best treatment for cavity filling.

To avoid pain and discomfort, doctors numb the teeth, gums, and surrounding area. The affected area is drilled out to remove the decay. Once cleaning is done, an appropriate filling is applied.

Once it is done, you are told to wait in the waiting area. After some time, the numbness reduces, and you start feeling sensations.

It takes a couple of hours more to resolve the problem. There are no significant risks associated with it. A tooth filling is used to fill the cavity, but it can repair damage to the teeth. Damage can happen due to teeth grinding. It can replace part of the broken teeth.

Types of filling

When you consult the Best doctor for cavity filling treatment, he decides to fill the teeth using the best suitable filling.

Gold and silver amalgam (it is a composite of mercury, silver, and other stuff), tooth-colored composite material, or porcelain. Nowadays, a special type of glass is also used for tooth filling.

All these materials vary in strength and color. The best tooth filling depends on cost and aesthetic preferences.

Call the experts at Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison and get the perfect solution for dental cavities.

Care after the filling

Some pain and sensitivity might be felt after receiving tooth fillings. However, it subsides over time. One has to follow a proper oral care routine after the treatment. It will keep the health of teeth and gums well and the filling will last longer.


Dental cavities can erupt anytime. Cavity filling is the easy and best solution for the problem. When the cavity is filled with suitable material, there is no chance of infection and other problems. Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison brings a fleet of dental specialists that can offer the perfect solution after diagnosing the issue.

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