Knocked out tooth treatment

Knocked out tooth treatment
Knocked out tooth treatment

Knocked out tooth treatment

Knocked out teeth? Don’t worry, Let’s know how you can save it!

Oral injuries are not as common as other injuries, but they are extremely painful and traumatic when they happen. Sports-related accidents, vehicle accident, a bad fall, or a hard blow to the mouth cause knocked off teeth.

The immediate outcome of the blow is bleeding and severe pain. The patient starts to panic due to that. Hence the first thing is to provide some knocked out tooth first aid so that the situation can be handled better.

Once the patient gets stable, then the next thing is to rush to some hospital that handles dental emergencies. Doctors plan subsequent knocked out tooth treatment there.

Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison is known for the top-class diagnosis and treatment of dental trauma. How can one save a knocked off tooth? Here are some tips.

Stay calm

There is no point in losing your patience or becoming getting panicked. It affects your action and reaction. You should remain calm and pull yourself together.

Call the dentist and tell him the situation. After knowing the severity of the situation, the doctor will talk about the immediate actions to be taken.

It helps greatly if one does it before visiting an emergency consultation from an expert dentist.

Rinse your mouth

When the tooth knocks off, soft tissues of your mouth get injured. It results in profuse bleeding. Rinse your mouth with cold water. It washes off the blood, debris, or germs. Thus, we can call it a knocked out tooth first aid.

To reduce the swelling, you can apply a cold pack or damp cloth. Doctors suggest the use of clean gauze to cover the wound. It forms the clot and reduces the bleeding.

Three steps of preserving the tooth

To get a successful replacement of the knocked-down tooth, you must meet the doctor within half an hour of the mishap. These are important three steps you must follow:

  1. Hold the tooth by its crown and not the root. Wash it using plain water if it is dirty. Do not use any cleaning material. Do not dry it or wipe it. Do not apply it with any tissue or cloth.
  2. If you can place the tooth into the socket, then place it. Gently push it and keep the mouth closed.
  3. If it is not possible to replant the tooth in the socket, then keep it soaked in milk. If it is not possible then keep it in the mouth, next to your cheek.

One should follow these steps calmly and get a proper knocked out tooth treatment at a leading expert like Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison. It increases the possibility of replanting the knocked-down tooth successfully.

It is important to keep patience when there is a mishap of a knocked-down tooth. Follow the steps to preserve the tooth and contact a doctor immediately. It will increase the possibility of successful replacement. Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison is a one-stop center equipped with modern facilities and specialized care.

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