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Remedies for Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile Treatment
25 February, 2022

Remedies for Gummy Smile

A gummy smile can be caused by many factors such as abnormal tooth growth, abnormal jaw development, improper bite like overbite or underbite, muscular problems, hyperactive upper lip, etc. A gummy smile treatment involves taking care of and treating above mentioned factors.

In these cases, proper dental care and treatment are required to resolve the problem before assisting in the reduction of the gummy grin.

Six ways for gummy smile correction

A gummy smile correction is done in a variety of ways. However, the best gummy smile treatment option for you is determined by the fundamental source of the problem. The following are six therapy options:

1. Orthodontic therapy

If a gummy smile is caused by orthodontic disorders like a poor bite or minor jaw abnormalities, orthodontic equipment and appliances may be able to help.

Orthodontics, such as braces and Invisalign, can help correct jaw and bite disorders, making gums appear smaller when smiling.

2. Crowns or veneers

Some patients have top teeth that are too short, causing more quantity of gum tissue visible. Tooth wear due to age and even genetics can contribute to this. Veneers, also known as porcelain veneers and crowns, are simple dental restorations that can be used to lengthen teeth.

This will help to balance teeth and gums, resulting in a less gummy smile.

3. Surgery to extend the crown

Surgery to lengthen the crown can be done if the patient's teeth have not fully erupted. In this gummy smile correction, gum tissue and/or bone are removed to expose more of the tooth and allow the gums to retreat to their proper place.

4. Lip Surgery

This procedure for gummy smile treatment is done when more of gum is exposed when a person smiles due to a short or hyperactive top lip.

Lip repositioning surgery is a viable alternative to more sophisticated jaw surgery for making smiles less gummy.

5. Gum contouring with lasers

Special dental lasers can help in gummy smile correction. This means that a patient won't need invasive surgery to achieve the same outcomes. A gummy smile can be caused by an overabundance of gum tissue in some patients. Laser gingivectomy is a procedure that involves the removal of extra gum tissue and the reshaping of the remaining tissue to reveal more of teeth.

Cosmetic gum contouring is one of the best gummy smile treatment procedures that can help cure a gummy grin.

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental operation in which excess gum tissue is surgically or laser-removed. The leftover tissue is then sculpted to show more teeth, reducing the appearance of a gummy smile. Gum contouring for cosmetic purposes is a minimally invasive technique that includes altering the gum line gently but precisely.

Gums will be sculpted to expose more of your teeth by removing excess gum tissue and repositioning the gum line. Only enough gum tissue is removed to improve the gum's shape around the teeth. 

Gum contouring is a permanent remedy for a gummy smile. Gum contouring can also be achieved with the use of dental lasers. Lasers, in fact, are a better alternative for this surgery since they provide more precision, comfort and faster healing.

The appearance of a smile might be improved by levelling out the gum line or eliminating extra gum tissue. It can also make plaque and tartar removal much easier, which can help prevent a variety of other dental issues.

For many people, the good news is that they don't have to live with a gummy smile. We at Dental Cosmetics give a variety of therapy alternatives to choose from in order to maintain oral health and smile brightly and widely!

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