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Why should you use Dental Insurance before the End of the Year?

19 December, 2020

Why should you use Dental Insurance before the End of the Year?

Many people do not know that they can save hundreds of dollars by utilizing dental insurance benefits before the year ends. These dental insurance benefits expire with the change of calendar year meaning after Dec 31 your dental benefits for current year are no longer valid. If your plan follows the calendar year, then this is the time to use up your dental insurance. It will save hundreds of dollars for you.

If you want to know some reasons for using dental insurance, read the blog further.

The maximum money used on a yearly basis

The yearly maximum amount is the most money paid by the dental insurance company within one year. This amount differs based on your dental insurance plan. On an average it is around 1500 dollars per year per person.

On Jan 1st, the yearly maximum renews. The unused benefits will not rollover. Hence, it is wise to utilize full benefits when they are active. Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison is a unique and special dental practice which offers world-class dental care. Plan your dental treatment before your dental insurance benefits expire. 

Deductible money

Preventive care are usually 100% covered twice in a year by most dental insurance PPO plans. Dental checkup, x-rays and simple cleanings are part of preventive care. For other than preventive care dental treatment, before the insurance company pays for the services, you are supposed to pay certain amount to the dentist out of your pocket. It is called deductible amount.  This fee varies from plan to plan. 

Statistics indicate that the average deductible for dental insurance is 50 dollars per year. When the plan rolls over, then the deductible restarts. So you should plan wisely.

Regular premium payment

Are you paying your dental insurance premiums regularly?  If yes, then you should use the benefits too. You should get regular dental cleaning done to detect and prevent dental cavities and gum disease. Understand it – this way you stay protected not only from the usual dental problems but also from some prospective hazards like oral cancer.

Increase in the annual fee

Some dentists increase their fee with the starting of a new year because of the cost of living and cost of material and equipment increase. Hence, if you are supposed to see a dentist, do it before the rate increases but the copay percentage remains the same. They may go up in the coming year.

Your dental problem can go worse

When you delay your dental treatment, the risk of damaging the teeth goes up. Also, you need to spend more money. Even a simple cavity may turn into a complex root canal treatment. People commit the mistake of ignoring dental problems when they are small, and it gets worst with time.  It is high time to Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits. Call your dentist and book an appointment today. Dental Cosmetic Center of Edison brings top-class dental treatment.

Finally Say!

Dental treatment is expensive. However you can cover some amount for your dental treatment if you have dental insurance. Every year, there are changes in the insurance amount. Hence, it is wise to utilize your dental insurance benefits as much as possible. At this time, which is actually end of the year, it is good time to see your dentist.


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